Build a Customized Agent Tool

Gain a distinct competitive advantage by providing custom technology, branded for your organization. From quoting tools and underwriting to analyzing current market trends, our suite of tools will provide the resources you need to be successful year after year.


Stay ahead of the curve by offering the tools no agent should be without. We provide the latest rates, product details, and market information. You recruit and retain more agents.

Custom Quoting Tool

Provide your agency with a distinct competitive edge.

Get the latest rates, underwriting, and plan details – provided to your agents under your brand. Customize it further to include the products, carriers, and states you do business with.


Individual Quoting Tool

The Market Advisor suite of quoting tools makes it easy for everyone from large marketing organizations to independent agents to provide accurate, up-to date product proposals for all senior product lines.

If a customized agent portal isn’t what you are looking for, learn more about the strength of the Market Advisor individual quoting packages for your agency.

Data Feeds & API Access

Customizable data feeds are used by many of the industry’s leading companies. If you have your own IT team, just plug-in the the latest product features, rates and underwriting data delivered for your specific needs. Get access to current and future rate data as often as you need it, or plug into our database through our secure API.

Select multiple product lines, states, and carriers you want and we’ll deliver as often as you need.

Consumer Prospecting

Create product interest and convert website visitors into more Medicare Supplement leads. Provide your agents the ability to offer Medicare Supplement quoting capabilities to their customers and prospects.

This easy-to-use website plug-in is branded for each agent and customized with colors to match their website. They can also determine which states and companies to include.


Scope of Appointment Forms

Offer your agents a standard, compliant Electronic Scope of Appointment Form to simplify the first step in customer engagement in the Medicare sales process. 

Upload, organize and manage other paper SOAs, related documents, or notes that need to be filed for each customer.