Integrity Marketing Group, LLC (“Integrity”), one of the leading independent distributors of life, health and wealth products, announced it has entered into an agreement to acquire The Fitz Group, a leading insurance marketing organization (IMO) based in Addison, Texas. As part of the transaction, Alex “Fitz” Fitzgerald, CEO of The Fitz Group, will become a Managing Partner in Integrity. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

A long-time entrepreneur, Alex Fitzgerald joined the insurance industry more than 20 years ago. Together with his wife, Heather, they formed The Fitz Group to provide underinsured Americans with better financial certainty through proper coverage. They also have become adept at recruiting, training and supporting agents in all aspects of building their own businesses.

Today, The Fitz Group partners with numerous top-rated insurance carriers to distribute life insurance products through their agents, licensed in all 50 states. Training and providing agents with the right tools to grow their own teams has resulted in The Fitz Group becoming one of the most well respected IMO’s in the industry.

“The way Fitz and his entire agency supports and helps grow agents is truly impressive,” said Bryan W. Adams, Co-Founder and CEO of Integrity. “We look forward to helping The Fitz Group take full advantage of the opportunities available to them as Integrity partners and help them rise to the next level.”

“At Integrity, our passion for innovating insurance drives everything we do,” continued Adams. “We are continuously seeking solutions that make it easier for Americans to get insurance in ways they prefer — and easier for agents to help meet customer needs. Integrity provides the technology and resources that help streamline and simplify the entire insurance experience for all stakeholders and The Fitz Group has the stellar team to effectively implement those tools and technology.”

“I’m proud of where we’ve grown The Fitz Group over the past 20 years,” said Alex “Fitz” Fitzgerald, CEO of The Fitz Group. “Today, an even bigger door opened to our staff and agents. This step is about diversifying our business and becoming partners with some of the best minds in our industry. This is a launching point to grow and expand, as well as make a difference for all our agents and the Americans we serve. I feel that my reins have been loosened and I’m ready to run faster than ever before, all while having fun and making a difference.”

“When agencies such as The Fitz Group partner with Integrity, we are able to take a lot of things off their plate and let these already successful agencies experience what we call the ‘Integrity Effect’ — which allows them to focus on elements they are passionate about and grow faster than they ever thought possible,” said Andy Albright, Managing Partner of Integrity as well as President and CEO of The Alliance.