CompanyDate Average IncreaseComments
AARP - UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company
6/1/20236.5%Varies by state & plan
Accendo Insurance Company
6/1/20237.3%Varies by state & plan
Aetna Health and Life Insurance Company
7/1/20233.0%Rhode Island
Aetna Health Insurance Company
6/1/20237.8%Maryland & Pennsylvania
7/1/20230.0%Rhode Island
Allstate Health Solutions
6/12/20230.4%Varies by state & plan
American Continental Insurance Company (Aetna)
6/1/20236.2%North Dakota & South Dakota
Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield - Ohio
7/1/20235.8% Ohio; Supplement & Select plans
Assured Life Association
5/1/20238.1%Varies by state & plan
Avera Health Plans, Inc.
4/1/202312.5%Varies by state & plan
Catholic United Financial
5/1/20239.3%Varies by state & plan
Educators Mutual Insurance Association
Manhattan Life Assurance Company
McLaren Health Plan Inc
Medico Insurance Company
5/1/20237.0%West Virginia
Medico Life and Health Insurance Company
Montana Health Co-Op
Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company
5/1/20233.5%Varies by state & plan
Omaha Insurance Company
5/1/20233.8%Illinois & Nevada
Pekin Life Insurance Company
6/1/20235.4%Varies by state & plan
United American Insurance Company

United States Fire Insurance Company
7/1/2023 - 8/1/20233.6%Varies by state & plan
WMI Mutual Insurance Company

1/1/20230.0%Varies by state & plan