Medicare Supplement 2nd Quarter 2019 Results


Over the past few weeks CSG Actuarial has reported the 2nd quarter 2019 Medicare Supplement enrollment results for United Healthcare, Anthem, Humana, and CNO Financial.  We now have updates from CVS Health, summarized below.

CVS Health Reports Results for 2nd Quarter 2019

CVS Health completed its acquisition of Aetna in November 2018 and the results reported below for 4th quarter 2018 thru 2nd quarter 2019 are for CVS Health.  Any information for prior periods is from previously reported results from Aetna.

For 2nd quarter 2019, CVS Health reported Medicare Supplement member in-force counts of 819,000, up 62,000 over the past 12 months from Aetna’s reported results for 2nd quarter 2018.  The CVS Health in-force counts of 819,000 is an 8.2% increase over the past year.  The table below shows CVS Health’s Medicare Supplement enrollment counts for 4th quarter 2018 to 2nd quarter 2019 and Aetna’s Medicare Supplement enrollment counts by quarter from 4th quarter 2011 to 3rd quarter 2018.  CSG Actuarial projects CVS Health’s overall Medicare Supplement sales in the top 4 in the overall market over the past twelve months.

8.16 pic 1

8.16 pic 2