So much data, so little time. Here’s a solution. CSG Actuarial’s newest resource is a report that simplifies your analysis of the Medicare Advantage (MA) and Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) markets.

Use this data to track and analyze carrier/plan positioning in these senior product markets.

  • Latest snapshot to the enrollment data
  • Navigate data and trends by plan, state or county
  • Updated monthly

Get a Sample Report 

This monthly report is a time-saving alternative to searching and analyzing the data on your own..

Here is a rollup of all of the data included:

Plan TypeMA Enrollment
Local PPO9,412,534
Regional PPO972,808
Medicare-Medicaid Plan HMO/HMOPOS389,693
1876 Cost 175,055
HCPP - 1833 Cost62,151
National PACE48,419
Grand Total 27,048,099