Integrity Marketing Group, LLC, announced it has been named one of the top 100 large companies in the U.S. for happiest employees. Integrity was joined on the list by winners that included Google, Microsoft, IBM, Adobe, HubSpot and 23&Me, among others. The 2022 Happiest Employees Award was given by Comparably, a leading platform that provides workplace culture data for public and private companies. 

With this award, Integrity has again demonstrated itself to be an industry leader in workplace value. Comparably’s Top 100 Happies Employees companies are determined based on sentiment ratings provided by employees directly. Rankings were compiled from 15 million ratings across 70,000 companies in the U.S. and Canada. Employees anonymously answered questions on a variety of topics related to their overall happiness at work, including benefits, pay, company goals, interactions with coworkers and how excited they were to go to work each day.

“When our employees are happy, there’s a ripple effect that greatly enhances our mission to help all Americans plan for the good days ahead,” said Bryan W. Adams, Co-Founder and CEO of Integrity. “Happier employees create a strong and lasting culture, innovate better and faster, and go above and beyond to serve the needs of all our stakeholders. That’s why we not only provide great benefits to our employees, but also give them the opportunity to have meaningful ownership in our company. This award says a lot about what we’re building internally — and it will have external benefits for our customers and partners as well. It’s a testament to how consistently we live and demonstrate Integrity’s core values in everything we do!” 

“Being recognized as a company with the Happiest Employees speaks volumes about the culture our employees have worked so hard to build — and live every day,” shared Rachelle McReynolds, Chief HR Officer and VP of People and Culture. “When people love what they do, who they work with and the company they work for, there is a level of synergistic positivity that delivers amazing results to the partners and customers we serve. Integrity places a large emphasis on providing unique and meaningful benefits and perks, such as time off to serve and company ownership. It’s really our team members who give life and meaning to the culture we’re striving to create.” 

“Our data consistently shows that employee happiness is a significant driver of company culture and employee retention,” said Comparably Co-Founder and CEO Jason Nazar. “Integrity’s rank on our Happiest Employees list is a testament to the organization’s focus and commitment to its people.