Integrity Marketing Group, LLC (“Integrity”), a leading distributor of life and health insurance, and provider of wealth management and retirement planning solutions, announced it has entered into an agreement to acquire Elevation Sales Coaching (“Elevation”), based in Wake Forest, North Carolina. As part of the acquisition, Jordan Smith, President of Elevation Sales Coaching, will become a Managing Partner in Integrity. Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

“Jordan and his team already understand how to achieve success — striving for excellence is at the core of their business,” said Bryan W. Adams, Co-Founder and CEO of Integrity. “His consistent effort and winning mindset make Jordan an ideal partner. By utilizing Integrity’s technology, customer relationship management resources, product development and analytics, Elevation can help agents reach their full potential to better serve even more Americans. We’re always thrilled to add energetic, driven partners, and we welcome Elevation to our Integrity family.”

Founded by Smith, Elevation provides expert education and accessible information that empower agents to improve their sales processes and maximize revenue. The company specializes in coaching agents who serve the senior market with final expense, life insurance, annuities or Medicare products. Elevation creates structures for personal and team growth and offers multifaceted product-level support to developing agents.

“Integrity attracts leaders, especially those who want to have a lasting impact on this industry,” said Jordan Smith, President of Elevation Sales Coaching. “At Elevation, we are also in the business of building and supporting leaders, which makes this partnership a fantastic fit. The resources Integrity has created would take us a decade or more to develop or invest in on our own. Though we could continue down our current path of growing organically, Integrity expedites our growth by diversifying our business and expanding our recruiting abilities. We’ve watched the powerful acceleration other Integrity partners have experienced and the difference that has made for agents and consumers, and we’re very excited to see those same results at Elevation.”

“Since joining Integrity, our business has more than doubled,” shared Craig Harvey, Managing Partner at Integrity. “There is no way we could have accomplished this without the leadership, resources and influence of Integrity. Jordan is extremely driven and a natural leader. Through this partnership, we know his business will achieve milestones it couldn’t attain without Integrity. Jordan and his team at Elevation will be a tremendous addition to Integrity — their best days are ahead of them.”

“Every week, we see more of the best and brightest companies in our industry join Integrity,” expressed Chad Milner, Managing Partner at Integrity. “We’ve enjoyed collaborating with other Integrity partners to drive sales and increase our growth every year. With his strong character, passion for helping others and ability to grow a business, Jordan will undoubtedly experience the ‘Integrity Effect.’ Without Integrity, you operate on an island on your own. Integrity’s technology keeps great companies like Elevation on the cutting edge and helps them feel confident in the opportunities ahead.”

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