Integrity Marketing Group, LLC (“Integrity”), announced it has acquired Connexion Point, one of the largest contact centers in the country. With a focus on the senior market, Connexion Point weaves advanced data, analytics and dynamic technology into comprehensive and responsive customized solutions through their 3,000 dedicated employees.

From its six locations covering the entire country, Connexion Point handles more than five million consumer interactions annually on behalf of their contracted carriers. As one of the nation’s most technologically sophisticated contact centers focused on serving the senior market, they specialize in developing and implementing extensive consumer retention programs for many prominent carriers. While actively supporting more than 75,000 carrier programs, Connexion Point’s 3,000 employees invested nearly one million hours helping consumers last year. During this Annual Enrollment Period, they supported 250,000 Americans in finding the best insurance solutions for their specific needs. Beyond just delivering a full consumer experience, Connexion Point’s strong capabilities also link with Integrity’s over 325,000 in-the-field agents, exclusive products and aggressive investment in technology. The partnership enhances an already ground-breaking, consumer-centric approach to the senior healthcare market.

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