Humana Inc. recently announced a new brand – CenterWell – to describe and connect a range of the company’s payer-agnostic health care services offerings. The first Humana-owned care services to adopt the new brand will be its senior-focused primary care facilities that have operated as “Partners in Primary Care” in several states and as “Family Physicians Group” in the Orlando area.

In recent years, Humana has significantly expanded its health care services capabilities – from primary care to pharmacy to home care and more – in order to better serve its medical members, and to significantly strengthen its payer-agnostic care offerings. Now, the company is taking the next step with plans to unite various payer-agnostic services under the new CenterWell brand. These services help deliver on the promise of better quality and health outcomes, lower costs, and a simpler, more personalized experience for the people they touch.

“This new brand reflects the fact that our care-services businesses are growing and maturing – such as our payer-agnostic senior-focused primary care centers – and we need a brand that speaks to how we put our members and patients at the center of everything we do,” said Humana President and CEO Bruce D. Broussard. “When we place the individual at the center, focus on their individual needs and personalize the care we deliver to them, we have our best opportunity to help them be well and achieve their best health.”

The CenterWell senior-focused care facilities include 41 centers that have been branded as Partners in Primary Care, and 24 centers that have operated under the Family Physicians Group brand. Many of the primary care centers are located in medically underserved areas throughout Florida, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas. The medical group accepts patients from many different Medicare Advantage plans.

CenterWell Senior Primary Care is in a period of rapid growth, with 15 new centers opened in the last year, and up to 20 expected to open this year and into early 2022. Georgia enters as a new market later in 2021 with four to six new centers planned in the Atlanta area. A similar number of additional new centers is planned in the Houston area, with five more in Louisiana, including Lafayette and the North Shore outside of New Orleans, as well as two new centers planned in Nevada. The growth is part of Humana’s strategy to improve the health of seniors through a value-based health ecosystem that brings simplicity and connectivity to health care.

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