Integrity Marketing Group, LLC (“Integrity”), a leading distributor of life and health insurance, and provider of wealth management and retirement planning solutions, announced it has partnered with Community Care Agency, an independent marketing organization (“IMO”) based in Dallas and led by Jimmy Lee and Grace Tran. Financial details of the partnership were not disclosed.

“At Integrity, our mission is to secure the life, health and financial wellbeing of Americans across all communities,” expressed Bryan W. Adams, Co-Founder and CEO of Integrity. “Partners like Community Care Agency help us make the health insurance process simpler, more beneficial and ultimately more human for everyone by compassionately crossing barriers that may be in place due to language or cultural differences. Jimmy and Grace are remarkable people who understand the significant need for better insurance information among Asian-American communities and who continuously live up to our mutually aligned values of devoted service and respect while meeting that need. I couldn’t be prouder to work with Jimmy and Grace in their commitment to expand their reach and make an even greater impact for good as we help more seniors gain access to the information and quality products they need to more fully prepare for the good days ahead!”

As Asian immigrants to the United States, Tran and Lee have built Community Care Agency to increase knowledge and understanding of insurance products and services initially among Korean and Vietnamese seniors and introduce them to the impact these products and services can have on preparing financially for the future. They immersed themselves in Asian-American communities across the country to deeply understand the unique needs of each region and demographic. When they found a need for more insurance information and an opportunity to support agents more fully, the team launched community outreach initiatives and hands-on cultural awareness and field training for agents to ensure healthcare options are clearly and thoroughly conveyed to Asian seniors across of all backgrounds.

“Many seniors in Asian-American communities benefit greatly from the service provided by our agents who can simplify the process with education in native languages,” explained Grace Tran, Vice President of Community Care Agency. “We bridge the communication gap between the carriers and consumers to ensure that the seniors we serve fully understand their coverage options. With Integrity’s technology, we can keep our communities up to date and offer more support and better training to our agents. Integrity treats us as a valued partner and shares our core value of Family. Every time our consumers interact with us, we help them feel the same warmth and welcomeness we felt when we joined Integrity. We are so excited to continue our journey with Integrity supporting our growth.”

“Part of Asian culture is showing respect for and taking care of your elders,” shared Jimmy Lee, President of Community Care Agency. “Through this Integrity partnership, we can better serve our seniors and expand into those communities that need our assistance. Though we have already experienced significant growth, there is so much opportunity to make an even greater impact within the Asian-American community. The Integrity name brings matchless brand recognition and value to our agency. We’ve also seen immediate benefits by connecting our agents to Integrity’s technology, as well as utilizing the administrative support and other resources available through the platform. Integrity will help us reach our goals faster and we’re thrilled to move forward together.”

Community Care Agency brings its unique perspective and insights to the rapidly growing Integrity partner network, a group of industry innovators and icons who collaborate to create and implement vital strategies that more holistically protect the life, health and wealth of consumers. This venerable team of the industry’s most successful leaders is shaping best practices and solutions that help American families plan for the good days ahead.

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