4th Quarter 2020 Highlights:

Operating Revenues was $31.5 Billion, 16.2% Growth over the prior year driven by higher premium revenue due to growth in Medicaid and Medicare

  • Benefit expense ratio was 88.9% in the fourth quarter, a decrease of 10 basis points from 89.0% compared to prior year 4th Anthem explains the decrease was a result of deferred healthcare utilization due to COVID-19 and the a lesser extent the return of the health insurance tax in 2020.  The decrease was largely offset by costs associated with COVID-19 including testing and treatment.
  • Overall medical membership totaled approximately 42.9 million members at the end of 4th Quarter 2020, a 4.7% increase compared to December 31, 2020.

Medicare Supplement lives in the 4th quarter was flat compared to end of the 3rd quarter 2020 and 28,000 compared to the prior year 4th quarter.

Anthem 1

Medicare Advantage membership of 1,428,000 as of 12/31/2020, a 12,000 increase compared to the end of the 3rd quarter 2020 and an increase of 214,000 compared to 12/31/2019.

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