Anthem Medicare Supplement Enrollment Increases 10,000 in 2nd Quarter 2019

Anthem, Inc. released 2nd quarter 2019 financials on July 24th, adding 10,000 Medicare Supplement lives in the 2nd quarter and 31,000 Medicare Supplement lives in 2019 to date.  The Anthem enrollment table below features Medicare Supplement policy in-force counts of 877,000 as of 6/30/2019, a 50,000 increase in the past year.  The 50,000 lives growth in the past year is a 6.0% increase over the in-force lives at 2nd quarter 2018.  CSG Actuarial projects Anthem’s Medicare Supplement sales at 5th in the overall market over the past 12 months.

Anthem 1


Anthem 2

Humana Reports Medicare Supplement Results for 2nd Quarter 2019

Humana reported 2nd quarter 2019 Medicare Supplement lives of 276,000, a 3.3% increase over 1st quarter 2019 and a 14.3% increase over 2nd quarter 2018.  The 8,700 increase in membership during 2nd quarter 2019 was 5,900 higher than the membership growth during 2nd quarter 2018.  The table below shows Humana’s Medicare Supplement enrollment counts by quarter since 1st quarter 2012.  Humana also reported 2nd quarter 2019 Medicare Supplement premiums of $144 million, 15.2% higher than the premiums in 2nd quarter 2018.  Based on estimates from CSG Actuarial, Humana’s sales ranked 7th in the market over the past twelve months.

Humana 1


Humana 2

CNO Financial Group Reports Medicare Supplement Sales in 2nd Quarter 2019

CNO Financial Group reported 2nd quarter 2019 Medicare Supplement sales of $14.5 million, up 1% from 2nd quarter 2018.  CNO Financial Group reported Medicare Supplement sales over the past 12 months of $58.7 million, down 5% from the previous 12-month period.  Based on projections from CSG Actuarial, the $58.7 million of sales for CNO Financial Group over the past 12 months ranked in the top 10 of the Medicare Supplement market.