CSG Actuarial compiled the following Medicare Advantage and PDP enrollment highlights.

Medicare Advantage Enrollment by Plan Type 

Plan TypeEnrollment
Local PPO 9,570,866
Regional PPO942,516
1876 Cost177,201

Source: Monthly Report by Plan, May 2021

The top 6 Parent Organizations account for roughly 71% of overall Medicare Advantage enrollment:

Medicare Advantage Enrollment by Top 25 Parent Organizations

Parent OrganizationEnrollment
UnitedHealth Group, Inc.7,278,782
Humana Inc.4,881,641
CVS Health Corporation2,859,188
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc.1,751,534
Anthem Inc.1,538,625
Centene Corporation1,1,78,834
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Mutual Ins. Co.607,971
Highmark Health305,233
Summit Master Company, LLC275,474
SCAN Group220,673
Healthfirst, Inc.211,598
Spectrum Health System204,202
UPMC Health System199,642
Medical Card System, Inc. 185,047
Guidewell Mutual Holding Corporation181,515
EmblemHealth, Inc.166,486
Aware Integrated, Inc.166,354
BlueCross Blue Shield of Tennessee162,443
Lifetime Healthcare, Inc.156,963
California Physicians Service151,983
UCare Minnesota137,390
Triple-S Management Corporation136,410
Medica Holding Company134,539

Source: Monthly Report by Plan, May 2021


  • PDP companies under CVS, United, Centene, Humana and Cigna account for just under 90% of PDP enrollment as of May 2021


Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) Enrollment by Top 25 Parent Organizations

Parent Organization Enrollment
CVS Health Corporation5,709,524
UnitedHealth Group, Inc.4,466,821
Centene Corporation4,090,111
Humana Inc.3,537,775
Rite Aid Corporation799,210
Anthem Inc.413,941
Health Care Service Corporation282,480

Source: Monthly Report by Plan, May 2021


  • CSG Actuarial compared the May 2021 and May 2020 State County Penetration files to analyze any noticeable difference in the growth of MA penetration rates. We grouped counties that are included in a Metropolitan Statistical Area (“MSA”) in one category and grouped all other counties in another category.   As noted below, non-MSA counties are seeing year-over-year % growth in MA penetration at a higher clip than MSA counties.


Counties in a Metropolitan Statistical Area:

Month Medicare EligiblesEnrolledPenetration
May 202151,187,80222,919,35545%
May 202050,144,53320,995,52042%
Year over Year %2%9%

Non – MSA Counties

MonthMedicare EligiblesEnrolled Penetration
May 202110,926,1633,803,44735%
May 202010,764,0873,300,86231%
Year over Year %2%15%

Source: State County Penetration, May 2021 and May 2020. Excludes Puerto Rico, includes D.C.