September Webinars

Last Prep before AEP – When to use CSG this AEP
This webinar is designed to help you be successful this AEP! Learn how to cross-sell Hospital Indemnity plans to your Medicare Advantage clients. View Med Adv/PDP enrollment data by county and plan. Have clients interested in Med Supp? Quote and compare all Med Supp plans in CSG.

Wednesday, September 13 at 2 p.m. Central Time
Wednesday, September 20 at 12 p.m. Central Time
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Quoting Med Supp this AEP – What Carriers to Look For & Who is Competitive
AEP is not just about Med Adv/PDP. It is a big sales opportunity for Medicare Supplements sales! In fact, CSG sees the most Med Supp quotes ran during AEP. Join us to learn what to look for when quoting a Med Supp plan and see which carriers have the most competitive rates. We will help you navigate the CSG Med Supp quoting tool with rate adjustments, household discounts and loss ratios, and show you how to create your own custom carrier heat maps in MarketEdge.

Friday, September 15 at 12 p.m. Central Time – Click here to register

New to CSG APP inside MedicareCENTER Training 
If you are new to using the CSG quoting tool, this training is designed for YOU. During this webinar, we will introduce you to CSG Actuarial, who specializes in providing accurate, real-time quoting for Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage, Part D, Senior Dental/Vision, Hospital Indemnity and Final Expense. There are several additional features inside CSG including E-Applications, Electronic Scope of Appointments, Market Analytics and Carrier Heat Maps. After this training, you will fully understand why agents rely on CSG for all their quoting needs.

Tuesday, September 19 at 1 p.m. Central Time – Click here to register


Introduction to CSG APP

CSG is the industry’s leading source for Medicare and ancillary quoting and market intel. This video gives you a quick overview on the tools available to you inside the CSG APP in MedicareCENTER.

Medicare Supplement Quoting & Cross-Selling

Quote the entire Medicare Supplement market, view rate adjustment history, market data, underwriting and much more. CSG provides you the perfect cross-selling opportunity to stack Dental, Vision Hearing and Final Expense plans alongside your Medicare Supplement comparisons to create a full health portfolio for your client.

Medicare Advantage Quoting & Hospital Indemnity Fill the Gaps

Quote all Medicare Advantage and Part D plans, enter and save prescription drugs and pharmacies, view plan details, drug costs and enrollment data. Create custom comparisons and cross-sell efficiently with the Hospital Indemnity Fill the Gaps tool.

How to Submit E-Applications

Quote and enroll on the same platform! CSG’s universal application process makes it easy to submit applications right on the quoting tool. This tutorial video takes you through Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage applications start to finish.

E-Scope and Document Locker

Capture your Scope of Appointments electronically on CSG. Store and manage your scopes inside the Document Locker. Watch the tutorial video to see in-person and remote signature options. Learn how to upload other documents and organize your Document Locker.

Market Edge - Medicare Demographics and Carrier Heat Maps

Find areas of opportunity with Market Edge! View Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage enrollments by state and zip code as well as how many individuals are turning age 65 and over age 65. Create your own custom carrier heat maps to see where your top carriers are competitive at by state and zip code without having to run several quotes.