CSG Actuarial MarketEdge™ is the ultimate sales and marketing research tool, leveraging the over 7 million quotes ran on the MarketAdvisor™ quoting platform.  Gain an unprecedented competitive edge in the Medicare Supplement market by using real-time quote data.    

What can CSG Actuarial MarketEdge™ do for you?

  • Track up-to-the-minute quote activity and trends, including:
    • Demographics (plans, areas, gender, age, etc.)
    • Identify where your company and competitors rank by multiple variables based on this actual market activity.
  • Forecast the impact on sales based on market activity and product competitiveness.
  • Stay ahead of the competition by identifying new trends occurring in the market in real-time.
  • Use this quoting data to plan marketing activities based on geography, such as:
    • Targeting consumers based on at the county or zip code level by plan
    • Focus agent recruitment based on where your company is most competitive
    • Generate leads based on the most popular areas and plans

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