The CSG Actuarial Premium Rate Scorecard™ provides an overall premium rate competitiveness ranking by company across all states, plans, ages, genders, and zip codes.

According to CSG’s Premium Rate Scorecard™, the top 15 Medicare Supplement companies as of August 1, 2013 are:

CompanyMonthly Premium*
Senior Life (Super Preferred)$32.30n
EMC National Life$33.55
Standard Life and Casualty$34.66
United Home Life (Provider)$35.79
New Era Life$35.84
Gleaner Life (Simply Life)$35.84
Oxford Life$35.99
Christian Fidelity$35.99
Stonebridge Life$36.00
United Commercial Travelers$36.42
*Monthly rate reflected is for $20,000 level benefit, lowest non-smoking female, age 50.

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