Tuesday, Medicare Supplement market leader UnitedHealthcare (UHC) released 3rd quarter 2011 financials that show it continues to gain momentum after a 2010 slowdown.

The UHC report features Standardized and Modernized policy in-force counts of 2,895,000 as of 3rd quarter 2011, a 35,000 increase over 2nd quarter 2011 and a 145,000 increase over 3rd quarter 2010. The 145,000 policy count growth over the last 12 months is a 5.3% increase over the policy counts at 3rd quarter 2010.

As indicated in the following Exhibits compiled from historical UnitedHealthcare financial reports, the growth in UnitedHealthcare’s Medicare Supplement policy in-force counts slowed during the switchover to Modernized plans in 2010, but has rebounded to pre-2010 levels. UnitedHealthcare has 2.5 times as many Medicare Supplement policies in-force as the next largest company, Mutual of Omaha.

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