Market Advisor by CSG Actuarial

Capture, save and search for your SOAs and other uploaded forms with the Document Locker feature. This platform also keeps a pulse on the market by providing access to thousands of insurance documents.

Capture and Sign Scope of Appointment Forms

CSG Actuarial has created an Electronic Scope of Appointment Form (eSOA) utilizing our standards-compliant electronic signature feature to simplify the first step in customer engagement in the Medicare Advantage and Part D sales process.


Utilize E-Signature for Electronic SOA

The eSOA is a natural lead into our MA and PDP quoting tool creating a seamless experience.

In-person or Email Signature Processes

Fill out the form alongside your client, or allow them to fill out their information via the email signature process.

Manage Concurrent Document Signatures

Have multiple email signatures pending? Manage and view the status of multiple eSOA forms.

A Central Repository within CSG Actuarial’s Senior Market Tools Suite

No longer should you need to worry about how to manage all your Scope of Appointment forms. Our Document Locker repository feature in MarketPulse allows you to capture, save and search for your SOAs, then easily run a Medicare quote* for your client all on the same platform!

*A subscription to MarketAdvisor is required.

Save and Manage Your Electronic Documents in One Place

Our Document Locker repository creates a seamless experience for you and the consumer during the first step in MA and PDP quoting process. You benefit from not only having an integrated solution, but also having a standards-compliant electronic storage and recovery repository for the Scope of Appointment forms.

Upload Existing Paper SOAs & Other Documents

Upload, organize and manage other paper SOAs, related documents, or notes you may want to keep on file.

Seamless Integration with eSOA

The Electronic Scope of Appointment form saves directly to the Document Locker.

Document Retention to Compliance Standard

The Document Locker repository meets industry retention standard

See it in action

Take a quick look at eSOA and Document Locker features in MarketPulse™ or click the link below to view all tutorial videos demonstrating features of the application.

Subscription Pricing

Get both features mentioned above, Electronic Scope of Appointment (eSOA) and Document Locker in the following subscription. A great tool addition when paired with the Market Advisor quoting tools.

Document Locker with eSOA

  •  Electronic Scope of Appointment (eSOA) document signing
  •  Document Locker central repository
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Search for Market Documents

Search and download industry-related documents by product line, type of document, company, state, and date range.

Key Industry Categories

Web-based searchable database with documents spanning 28 key industry categories in 24 product lines.


Custom Alerts

Set customized alerts with your document search criteria to have updates sent directly to your email.

Get Time Back

MarketPulse will shorten the time you spend researching, giving back valuable time to analyze results.

Ignite your pulse in the market!

Start creating a seamless process for your MA and PDP quoting process. Give us a call at (855) 861-8776 to learn more about MarketPulse™ and all of its features.