Using CSG Actuarial’s MarketEdge tool, we are able to determine states, zip codes and plans with the highest quoting activity. Below is a breakdown of the Top 5 quoted states between January 2020 and May 2020 along with the percentage of quoting activity for each plan type.

State RankStatePlan GPlan FPlan N

Of the Top 5 quoted states, we determined which zip code had the most quoting activity. For those zip codes, we used the MarketAdvisor quoting tool to see which carrier as the lowest premium per plan type.

StateZip CodePlan GAge 65*Plan FAge 68*Plan NAge 65*
TX75001Philadelphia American$93.28Accendo$117.13Philadelphia American$73.31
IL60025State Mutual$96.30Accendo$120.42Accendo$75.00
MO64068Pan American$131.47Pan American$168.43Pan American$114.05
PA19002Shenandoah Life$118.59Accendo$144.99Accendo$91.04

*Rates effective June 1, 2020 for a female, non-tobacco with a HHD applied.