AmeriLife Group, LLC (“AmeriLife”), the national leader in marketing and distributing life, health and retirement solutions, has partnered with the fast-growing, direct-to-consumer brand, Senior Healthcare Direct (Bache LLC). Senior Healthcare Direct operates a consumer-facing profile under the name of Medicare Bob.

“AmeriLife’s partnership with Medicare Bob provides us with the unique opportunity to rapidly expand our call center capabilities,” said AmeriLife Chairman and CEO, Scott Perry. “As the market continues to adapt to the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, the demand for a comprehensive direct-to-consumer platform continues to grow. The team at Medicare Bob brings an important strategic foundation that will help us enhance our platform and meet the needs of pre-retirees and retirees.”

Founded by Robert Bache in 2012 as a Medicare Insurance Marketplace, Medicare Bob is based in Palm Harbor, Fla. and specializes in providing Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage insurance products to beneficiaries nationwide. As an independent broker, Medicare Bob represents over 30 insurance companies that serve thousands of clients across the country. The company’s sales agents work to develop solutions to meet consumers’ individual healthcare needs, considering their options for Medicare Supplement insurance plans, Medicare Advantage insurance plans and other ancillary products.

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