CompanyEffective DateAvg. IncreaseComments
Aetna Health and Life Insurance Company7/1/2016-1.7%Delaware
American Continental Insurance Company8/1/20168.7%Virginia
American Progressive Life and Health Insurance Company of New York6/1/2016-0.6%
New York
American Retirement Life Insurance Company7/1/20161.8%(13.6%) - 9.5%; Varies by state
Amerihealth Ins Co of New Jersey
New Jersey
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of South Carolina11/1/2016
-11.5%South Carolina
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana5/1/20162.1%Louisiana
Christian Fidelity Life Insurance Company6/1/20165.0%0% - 23.1%; Varies by state
Combined Insurance Company of America6/1-7/1/20167.4%4% - 15%; Varies by state
Community Insurance Company (Anthem/Wellpoint)7/1/20162.0%Ohio
Companion Life Insurance Company7/1/2016
0% - 6%; Varies by state
Continental Life Insurance Company of Brentwood, Tennessee9/1/20165.2%California
CSI Life Insurance Company9/1/20163.3%0% - 8%; Varies by state
Equitable Life & Casualty Insurance Company6/1-7/1/20167.9%3% - 9.5%; Varies by state
Health Net Life Insurance Company7/1/20164.1%California
Humana Insurance Company8/1-9/1/20162.5%
(10%) - 8%; Varies by state
KSKJ Life, American Slovenian Catholic Union9/1-11/1/201610.2%5% - 17.7%; Varies by state
Loyal American Life Insurance Company7/1/2016-0.3%(10%) - 5.8%; Varies by state
Manhattan Life Insurance Company7/1-9/1/20165.2%0% - 19%; Varies by state
Medico Corp Insurance Company7/1/20163.4%(10%) - 8%; Varies by state
Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company7/1/20166.2%0% - 9%; Varies by state
Omaha Insurance Company7/1/20166.0%
0% - 12%; Varies by state
Oxford Life Insurance Company6/1-6/15/201614.3%5.3% - 20.2%; Varies by state
Philadelphia American Life Insurance Company7/1-8/1/20162.9%0% - 6%; Varies by state
Shenandoah Life Insurance Company6/1-8/1/2016-0.4%(3%) - 0%; Varies by state
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company4/1-6/1/2016-3.2%(4.7%) - 0%; Varies by state
Transamerica Premier Life Insurance Company6/1/20166.8%New Mexico
United American Insurance Company6/1-7/1/20160.5%0% - 2.9%; Varies by state
United of Omaha Life Insurance7/1/20163.6%New Jersey
USAA Life Insurance Company6/1/20162.1%(30%) - 18%; Varies by state
Western Catholic Union7/1/2016-1.5%West Virginia

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