The CSG Actuarial Premium Rate Scorecard™ provides an overall premium rate competitiveness ranking by company across all states, plans, ages, genders, and zip codes.

According to CSG’s Premium Rate Scorecard™, the top 15 Medicare Supplement companies as of August 1, 2014 are:

Don’t Ask10%90%33%27%60%
1-2 Years 0%5%0%0%0%
3-5 Years14%5%20%27%7%
6-10 Years23%0%27%21%10%
Lifetime 53%0%20%25%23%

These top 15 rankings are very similar to the last published rankings from June 2014. Changes worth mentioning include American Enterprise jumping up into the top 10 with further new product releases from Medico Corp and Heartland National vaulting back into the top 15 with a new association group product.

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