United Healthcare Medicare Supplement Annual Growth Rate Declines Slightly in 3rd Quarter 2013

Medicare Supplement market leader UnitedHealthcare (UHC) released 3rd quarter 2013 financials on October 17th, adding 50,000 more lives in 3rd quarter. The UHC report features Standardized and Modernized policy in-force counts of 3,415,000 as of 9/30/2013, a 280,000 increase over 9/30/2012. The 280,000 policy count growth over the last 12 months is an 8.9% increase over the policy counts at 9/30/2012.



As indicated in the previous Exhibits, the annual growth rate in UnitedHealthcare’s Medicare Supplement policy in-force counts at 3rd quarter 2013 was 8.9%, down slightly from the 9.4% result at 2nd quarter 2013 and the first annual growth rate decline for UHC Medicare Supplement in the past three years

While recent growth may have slowed, United Healthcare continues to lead the Medicare Supplement market by a wide margin in overall Medicare Supplement policy in-force counts and total new business sales by one carrier.  Projections from CSG Actuarial indicate that United Healthcare will have approximately four times as many policy in-force counts and new sales in 2013 than the nearest Medicare Supplement competitor.

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