CompanyEffective DateAverage IncreaseComments
Aetna Life Insurance Company1/1/146.7%2.6% - 9%; Varies by state
Assured Life Association11/1/138.5%(0.9%) - 11.4%; Varies by state
Blue Care Network of Michigan1/1/142.0%Michigan
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island1/1/141.6%Rhode Island
BlueCross BlueShield of Arizona1/1/144.0%Arizona
Colonial Penn Life Insurance Company1/1/149.1%0.0% - 15%; Varies by state
Columbian Mutual Life Insurance Company9/1-11/1/139.3%5% - 15%; Varies by state
Educators Mutual Insurance Association10/1/136.0%Utah
Family Life Insurance Company11/1-12/1/1310.1%0.0% - 24.5%; Varies by state
Gerber Life Insurance Company11/1/139.3%5% - 12%; Varies by state
Government Personnel Mutual Life Insurance Company11/1/131.5%(5%) - 5.5%; Varies by state
Health Alliance Plan of Michigan1/1/142.4%Michigan
Heartland National Life Insurance Company1/1-2/1/201410.3%5% - 20%; Varies by state
Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield1/1/144.9%Pennsylvania
Highmark Blue Shield1/1/144.7%Pennsylvania
Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey1/1/141.7%New Jersey
Humana Insurance Company12/1/13-2/1/20144.2%(6.5%) - 5.5%; Varies by state
Loyal American Life Insurance Company9/21-11/9/20131.4%0% - 5%; Varies by state
Medico Insurance Company10/1-11/1/20137.2%(6.5%) - 10%; Varies by state
Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company11/1/1312.0%Virginia
New Era Life Insurance Company1/1/147.2%6% - 8%; Varies by state
New Era Life Insurance Company of the Midwest1/1/146.9%Georgia
Old Surety Life Insurance Company8/1-10/1/20136.1%0% - 8%; Varies by state
Pekin Life Insurance Company10/15-12/1/20137.2%6.3% - 9.9%; Varies by state
Philadelphia American Life Insurance Company11/1/2013-1/1/20147.1%(6.5%) - 8%; Varies by state
Royal Neighbors of America12/1/137.0%Texas
Sanford Health Plan4/1/132.8%0% - 2.8%; Varies by state
Sentinel Security Life Insurance Company10/1/136.2%0% - 9.5%; Varies by state
Standard Life and Accident Insurance Company7/15/134.6%Colorado
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company10/1/1316.7%Connecticut
Transamerica Life Insurance Company (Group Plan)9/1/134.0%3.4% - 4.6%; Varies by state
United of Omaha Life Insurance11/1/1316.0%Arizona
Wisconsin Physicians Service Insurance Corporation10/1/1311.0%Michigan
Woodmen of the World11/1/136.3%(0.9%) - 11.3%; Varies by state

*Most accident policies are GI and/or simplified underwriting with no medical condition questions.
*Carriers will still issue policies regardless of occupation, however, depending on the occupation the rate class can change.

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