The CSG Actuarial Premium Rate Scorecard™ provides an overall premium rate competitiveness ranking by company across all states, plans, ages, genders, and zip codes.

According to CSG’s Premium Rate Scorecard™, the top 10 Medicare Supplement companies as of June 1, 2013 are:

CompanyEffective DateAverage IncreaseComments
American Continental Insurance Company8/1/201312.2%Wyoming
Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield - Virginia7/1/20137.7%Virginia
Avera Health Plans, Inc.7/1/20135.5%South Dakota
Bankers Fidelity Life Insurance Company3/1 - 7/1/20137.6%0% - 16.9%; Varies by State
Central States Indemnity Company of Omaha7/1 - 8/1/20134.1%0% - 7.5%; Varies by State
Community Insurance Company (Anthem/Wellpoint)7/1/20137.7%Ohio
Continental General Insurance Company8/15/20135.0%Pennsylvania
Continental Life Insurance Company of Brentwood, Tennesseen8/1/20136.0%Delaware
Equitable Life & Casualty Insurance Companyn5/1 - 6/10/20135.7%(1.8%) - 10.8%; Varies by State
Family Life Insurance Company8/1/201310.5%9% - 12%; Varies by State
Genworth Life Insurance Company8/1/20133.4%California
Humana Insurance Company8/1 - 9/1/20131.0%(8.5%) - 7.4%; Varies by State
Medico Insurance Company7/1/20139.3%3% - 14%; Varies by State
Omaha Insurance Companyn7/1/20137.7%South Carolina
Reserve National Insurance Company5/7 - 6/24/20136.7%0% - 6.7%; Varies by State
Royal Neighbors of America8/1 - 10/1/2013-2.2%(5.1%) - 7%; Varies by State
Sanford Health Plan4/1/20130.7%North Dakota
State Mutual Insurance Company6/1 - 9/1/201311.6%0.8% - 22%; Varies by State
Sterling Investors Life Insurance Company7/1 - 8/1/201315.0%Utah
Stonebridge Life Insurance Company8/1/2013-3.7%(5.5%) - (2.5%); Varies by State
Transamerica Life Insurance Company6/17/20132.9%(5.1%) - 4.8%; Varies by State
United American Insurance Company6/1/20131.9%(10%) - 15%; Varies by State
United of Omaha Life Insurance1/1 - 7/1/20139.0%(5%) - 12%; Varies by State
USAA Life Insurance Company1/1 - 4/1/20132.6%0% - 5.0%; Varies by State

The top 5 Medicare Supplement companies for Plan F only as of June 1, 2013 are:

CompanyEffective DateAverage IncreaseComments
American Continental Insurance Company9/1/20138.4%(31.5%) - 15%; Varies by state
Avera Health Plans, Inc.7/1/2013-6.2%Iowa
Bankers Fidelity Life Insurance Company6/1 - 7/1/20134.9%0.0% - 10.2%; Varies by state
Colonial Penn Life Insurance Company1/1/20131.0%(5.7%) - 10%; Varies by state
Continental General Insurance Company7/1/20130.0%Arkansas
Continental Life Insurance Company of Brentwood, Tennessee9/1/20136.0%Rhode Island
EPIC Life Insurance Companyn3/1/201315.0%Iowa
Everence Association Inc.n4/1/2013-0.5%(6.9%) - 5.7%; Varies by state
Family Life Insurance Company8/1/20139.0%Nevada
Health Net Life Insurance Company8/1/2013-2.8%California
Humana Insurance Company9/1 - 10/1/20133.6%0.0% - 9.7%; Varies by state
Liberty National Life Insurance Company1/1 - 7/1/20130.9%(14.5%) - 6.1%; Varies by state
Medico Insurance Company8/1/20136.9%0.0% - 6.9%; Varies by state
New Era Life Insurance Company9/1/20138.2%Texas
New Era Life Insurance Company of the Midwest9/1/20138.3%Texas
Philadelphia American Life Insurance Company8/1 - 9/1/20136.8%5.0% - 9.0%; Varies by state
Physicians Mutual Insurance Company6/1/20134.8%0.0% - 9.0%; Varies by state
Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Utah8/1/2013-1.3%Utah
Reserve National Insurance Company5/1 - 6/1/20136.5%3.8% - 16.3%; Varies by state
Royal Neighbors of America9/1/20132.8%(5.0%_ - 5.0%; Varies by state
Sterling Investors Life Insurance Company9/1/20137.0%Georgia
United American Insurance Company7/1/20130.7%California
United Commercial Travelers of America7/1/20139.5%Arizona
USAA Life Insurance Company4/1/201316.8%3.7% - 23.4%; Varies by state

The top 5 Medicare Supplement companies for Plan G only as of June 1, 2013 are:

CompanyMonthly Rate*
Monumental Life Insurance Company$9.12 n
Assurity Life Insurance Company $10.37
Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company $11.70
USAble Life $13.98
American Fidelity Assurance Company $15.70
Combined Insurance Company of America$17.58
Washington National Insurance Company $17.60
American Heritage (Allstate)$18.22
Central United Life Insurance Company $23.47
*These rates are for the lowest age bracket available by the company. These rates include no riders or extra benefits that may be applied to said policy.

*Rates are strickly base rates for an individual without a worksite option attached, benefits may vary between companies as each base policy can differ in benefits available but also benefit amounts.