Medicare Supplement market leader UnitedHealthcare (UHC) reported today it added 35,000 more lives in the 2nd quarter.

The UHC financial report features Standardized and Modernized policy in-force counts of 3,075,000 as of 2nd quarter 2012, a 35,000 increase over 1st quarter 2012 and a 215,000 increase over 2nd quarter 2011. The 215,000 policy count growth over the last 12 months is a 7.5% increase over the policy counts at 2nd quarter 2011.

As indicated in the following Exhibits–compiled by CSG Actuarial analysis using historical UnitedHealthcare financial reports–UnitedHealthcare’s Medicare Supplement policy in-force counts continue to grow at a faster rate than previous years.

UnitedHealthcare also remained in 1st place in the Medicare Advantage and Medicare PDP markets, reporting 2.6 million and 4.2 million lives respectively.

NOTE: UHC continues to capture a sizeable portion of the 2012 Medicare Supplement market–growth projected by CSG Actuarial in the (updated) Future of Med Supp Market Research Paper.