Two months ago, the CSG army of web developers (i.e. Shawn) set out to develop, test, and launch a new web site. Our pie-in-the-sky deadline was January 1, and our mission was simple: improve access to data and information, and improve clients’ ability to compete in the marketplace.

Today, our mission is complete.

Companies, agents, and consumers may now demo, learn, and purchase more. The new site helps users better understand value and options for different insurance products.

What’s the point of having all kinds of good information, if you can’t find it?

Now we offer:

– Easier access to us

– Easier database log in

– Easier newsletter subscription

– NEWS subscription/feed functionality

– Easier access to FREE stuff

– Streamlined shopping and payment functionality

– More efficient data retrieval and reporting

Call or email us any time, be competitive, and enjoy the new experience.