CSG Actuarial announces the release of the 3rd quarter Final Expense life competitive intelligence report. This report provides detailed information on the final expense products of over 39 insurance companies. The information includes company overviews, benefit comparisons, underwriting requirements, and premium rate comparisons.

The report is a follow up to our 2nd quarter report released in August 2010. The following companies have been to the analysis:

– Colorado Bankers Life Insurance Company
– GPM Life Insurance Company
– Humana Insurance Company
– Liberty Bankers Life Insurance Company
– Occidental Life Insurance Company of North Carolina
– Old American Life Insurance Company
– Settlers Life Insurance Company
– United Home Life Insurance Company

These reports provide insurance professionals with critical market analysis that can be used to enhance their business by shortening the product development timeline, reducing market research costs, and improving profitability.

To access the Final Expense Life report, click on the link below:

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