Bryan Neary (BN), CSG President, offered the following to the two big questions surrounding the new Q3 2010 Report – what’s new, and are there any surprises?

Q: What’s new in this report?

BN: Updated 3rd quarter data, of course, but we also added a new exhibit, Exhibit D, which features a summary of rate increases.

Q: Did any of the data surprise you, as an actuary?

BN: Yes, several things. I was surprised to see how many companies have taken rate increases this early in the cycle. Many released them in June and have already increased them by October 1. Also, I gotta say, since the Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act (MIPPA) was signed into law on July 15, 2008, there haven’t been as many of the old companies entering the market with competitive premium rates. Another trend, which is less surprising but we’re starting to see more of, is online applications; companies are offering customers ways to purchase directly online, without violating any rules.


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